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I love stories,  not only the written pieces in children's books. I would say that stories surround us in all perspectives, and they are happening every moment. Narratives can be found in a book, in a tape, or an object. It is inspiring to hear how people communicate with each other by telling the past experiences, embarrassing jokes, and folktales from somewhere else. Unfortunately, these fascinating narratives vanish into thin air at the end of the conversations. We are marching too fast that many stories are left behind. I consider my mission as an artist is to catch many stories I appreciate and reappear them in my works.

Selecting materials and artistic techniques is crucial for me in the process as materiality and form significantly affect the presentation of the narratives. In my studio practice, I concentrate on how the unique qualities of the materials and formats indicate a particular part of a story. A print on paper visualizes the narratives in graphic languages, while a textile object conveys the story by texture and tactility. A wide range of presenting approaches often expand the narrative beyond the narrative content itself, which allows me to investigate the triangular relationship between the artist, the artwork, and audiences. What is my stories' relationship to the audience is the question I ask myself frequently. The answers to the question normally determine how I compose my work. Participatory as the main component of my work opens the possibility of generating new narratives from the existing ones. There is nothing more thrilling for me, a storyteller, to witness audiences creating more stories from mine.



2020                MFA (pending) in printmaking, Rhode Island School of Design

2018                BFA  in Printmaking, BS in Mathematics, University of Wisconsin      

                        Madison, WI

2017                Studio Art College International, Florence, Italy (serigraphy, batik)


鸠见堂Kyukendo K.S. Art Agency |Fukuoka, Japan

  • Art consultant

The Southern Graphics Council International (SGCI) | San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Demonstration: Yarn Printing | Apr. 2020

5th Rocky Mountain Printmaking Alliance Symposium | Salt City, UT

  • Demonstration: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce | Oct. 2019

Lesley Dill Studio | Brooklyn, NY

  • Teaching and Learning internship | Summer 2019

Dieu Donné | Brooklyn, NY

  • Administration and archive internship | Summer 2019

  • Studio internship | Summer 2019

Rhode Island School of Design | Providence, RI

  • Faculty of Record | Winter 2020

Western Papermaking

  • Teaching Assistance | 2018-present

 Letterpress printing, Dan Wood

 Lithography, Stephanie Tyson

 Intaglio I, Henry Brown

Ceramic and Print, Andrew Raftery

  • Printmaking and Papermaking Shop Monitor | 2018-present

Studio Kura | Itoshima-shi, Fukuoka, Japan

- Artist in residency | June – July 2018

Jenie Gao Studio, LLC | Madison, WI

- Student Internship | 2018

UW Arts Institute | Madison, WI

- Student Juror pool | 2017-2018

Lovey Town project | Madison, WI

- Project Assistant | 2016 - Present

10-minutes Play Festival, Hemsley Theater, University of Wisconsin – Madison

| Madison, WI

- Lighting Designer | Feb. 2015

 Fresh Hot Press | 2016-present

- honored member of the Printmaking Club in University of Wisconsin-Madison



Jul.2018           再・度, Re: Told: An Interactive Exhibition. House 1 Gallery, Studio Kura, Itoshima-shi, Fukuoka, Japan                                    


Jan. 2020         6th Baker & Whitehill Student Artist’s book Contest 2020, RISD Fleet Library, Providence, RI

Nov. 2019       The Boston Printmaker Student Print Exhibition 2019, The Mazmanian Gallery, Framingham, MA

Oct. 2019        International Creative arts 2019 in Japan,  Fukuoka communication center, Fukuoka-Shi, Japan

Jan. 2019         5th  Baker & Whitehill Student Artist’s book Contest 2019, RISD Fleet Library, Providence, RI

Jan. 2019         Printmaking Biennial, Sol Koffler Graduate Student Gallery, RISD, Providence, RI  

May 2018        Varied Edition UW-Madison Advanced Printmaking Show, Bos Meadery, 849 East Washington, Madison, WI

Nov. 2017        Semiology: A Show About Art and Language, Kohler Art Library, University of Wisconsin – Madison, Madison WI

Nov. 2017        8th Splitgrouphic Biennial 2017, Group Exhibition of Student Selection, University Gallery “Vasko Pliovac”, Split, Croatia

Oct. 2017         “We Are Enough”, Oak Park Art League, Chicago, IL

Lindi and Art Maybe

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